defects diagnosis

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jcc Associates have considerable technical experience in undertaking diagnostic investigations of building defects and deficiencies; providing efficient and commercial advice with regard to the remedial solutions available.


Some examples of  investigations carried out by jcc Associates;


      Flat roof investigations to establish the cause of water ingress issues and to determine the remaining life expectancy of the roof coverings.


      Shallow pitched retail and industrial roof investigations to advice on causes of water ingress problems and common failures with the cladding, rooflights and gutters.


      Investigation of masonry instability and appropriate specification of remedial treatment.


      Investigation into the adequacy of fixings to the external parapet cladding to an office building.


      Investigation into the cause of periodic flooding problems within an industrial estate in Germany.


      Investigation and identification of constructional problems with the below ground surface water drainage to a retail park.


      Investigation into constructional and design deficiencies with the damp proofing of  a new development and providing expert advice in contemplation of litigation.

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